During your Stay

Hospital Admission Information

Hospital Rules and Policies

<Illust>We ask that you follow the instructions of doctors and nurses at all times. Should a patient be found responsible for damaging hospital equipment or facilities, they may be liable for replacement fees and/or other compensation.
Smoking is forbidden inside Kanto Rosai Hospital all area. We expect both patients and guests to abide by this policy. Smoking outside of visiting hours is also expressly forbidden.
Lights will go out at 9 pm. We ask that patients refrain from watching TV after the lights have been turned off.
Please consult the attending nurse for permission before using any electronic appliances (some electronic devices may not be used within the hospital). To avoid inconveniencing other patients and staff, please use headphones when using audio appliances.
Patients who do not obey the rules of the hospital may be discharged. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in these matters.

Counseling and Consultation Services

IllustIn order to protect patient privacy, we ask that patients select a family member or (members) to receive information and consult with doctors regarding your treatment.
Doctors and nurses will give thorough explanations of your illness, diagnostic tests, and treatment, but should you have any questions or concerns, additional consultation is available.
For matters related to hospital life, financial concerns regarding your treatment, the social welfare system, the public healthcare system, and post-discharge concerns (rehabilitation, etc.), specialist caseworkers and social rehabilitation counselors are available for consultation. Please don’t hesitate to request a meeting with a counselor.

Medical Certificates

Please inform your physician or nurse in advance if you require any medical certificates.


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