Attendants and Visiting Hours

Hospital Admission Information

Attendant/Nursing Care

IllustAs a rule, we do not offer attendant/nursing-care for hospitalized patients. However, at the request of the patient’s family and with the permission of the supervising physician, attendant/nursing care can be arranged. Those wishing to arrange such services should submit the Attendant Request Form to the nursing staff in the ward.

Visiting Hours

IllustWeekdays (Monday through Friday) 3pm~8:00pm
Weekends and Holidays (Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays) 10:00am~8:00pm
As visitation outside of the assigned hours may inconvenience other patients and staff, we ask that you conduct visitation during the assigned periods.
Visitors should sign in with the nurse in the ward. As a rule, only assigned visitation rooms should be used.
Visits from large groups and small children should be avoided whenever possible. Visitors are also asked to refrain from eating and drinking in patients’ rooms.

Day Leave and Overnight Stay Outside the Hospital

  1. Admitted patients may not leave the hospital or stay outside the hospital overnight without the permission of their physician.
  2. Patients who receive permission must then submit an official day leave/overnight stay request.
  3. In the event of an accident or other unforeseen circumstance that prevents the patient from returning to the hospital as planned, the ward nurse must be contacted as soon as possible.


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