Admission Procedures

Hospital Admission Information
Admission Procedures

Please prepare the necessary documents and bring them to the Admissions/Discharge Counter on the 1st floor of the new building. See below for more information.
1)Patient card, insurance card, elderly medical care certificate, infant medical care certificate, and any other pertinent healthcare certificates. These will be returned to you at the counter.
2) Admission Agreement and Proof of Insurance
These are necessary for emergency contact; please read the document (front and back) carefully, and fill in the required fields.
3) Occupational History and other Questionnaires
Information from Occupational Histories and other questionnaires can be used to improve the quality of treatment.
4) Pre-arranged Admission (database form #1)
A nursing-care plan should be presented with this form.
5)Previously/Currently Hospitalized Patients(Hospital Records)
Records will be used as the basis for your admission and treatment.
Those patients with discharge papers from another hospital should present during the admission procedure.
6) Hospital Gown Loan Form
Those wishing to borrow a hospital gown should complete and submit designated form.
7) Kanto Rosai operates on the deposit system; hospitalization and treatment may require a deposit. Please ask the admission supervisor for details.
Items You Will Need During Your Stay

  1. Everyday Necessities Toilet Articles (towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, etc.)
    Daily Necessities (tissues, undergarments, bathrobe, writing goods, etc.)
    * Patients undergoing surgical procedures may require other items; please check with your admitting department for more information
  2. Please bring with you to the hospital all prescription medications you are currently taking.
  3. Bed linen (blankets, sheets, pillows, etc.) are provided by the hospital
  4. Daily necessities and other goods may be purchased from the hospital store.
  5. Hospital gowns may be rented for 108 yen. Please complete and submit the Hospital Gown Rental Form.

IllustOur standard rooms are designed to accommodate 4 patients, and are equipped with card-operated beds, televisions, secure storage units, and lockers for patient use.
A Television card may be purchased for 1000 yen at the hospital store or from the vending machine on the 1st floor. Earphones may be purchased for 200 yen from the hospital store.
For an additional fee, patients may choose an accommodation upgrade to an individual,  4-person room. Interested patients should contact the admissions supervisor in the medical affairs division. However, due to capacity limitations and each patient’s particular condition, upgrade may not be possible; we appreciate your understanding in this matter. Sheets are changed once per week. Hospital gowns are washed 3 times weekly from June to December and twice weekly all other months.
Upon Admission to the Hospital

  1. A nurse will provide an overview of life in the hospital.
  2. Patients will don their hospital gowns when they enter their room.
  3. 3Patients will have an opportunity to organize and put away their belongings.
    *Due to the possibility of theft, we advise that you bring as few valuables with you to the hospital as possible.*
  4. For the safety of all our patients, we ask that all admitted persons wear their hospital-issued wristband at all times.


月~金 8:15~11:00