Returning Patients

Returning Patients

Returning Patients

You should Proceed to the Depertment Counter.

Making and Changing Appointments for Your Next Visit

To reserve your next visit or to change an existing appointment, please contact the respective department:
Call the Kanto Rosai operator at 044-411-3131 
  (Hours: 15:00~16:00)

Days Off

Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays and during the year-end holiday season.

Picking up Prescriptions

<For external prescriptions>

The doctor will hand the prescription to you in the office.
<For internal prescriptions>
After paying the Cashier, submit your voucher to the Pharmacist to receive your medication.

Before You Leave

Please return your portfolio to the Medical Affairs Office, Counter #2.
(If you have an external prescription, be sure to remove it)
Patients who are required to pay will be called to one of the Cashiers Counter #3 through 7. A reservation card for a follow-up visit will be attached to the receipt.

Patients who are not required to pay can pick up their reservation cards from Window #3.


月~金 8:15~11:00