Outpatient Services

Outpatient Services
Outpatient Services
Flowchart for standard outpatient treatment (initial visit)
New Patient Counter
Patient ID Card
Reception at the Department Counter
Examination and Diagnosis
Billing Counter
Cashier Counter
New Patient Counter

<What you need> Consultation form, insurance card, referral (If you have one)
Some departments may require an appointment →For more information, click here
The counter opens at 8:15 AM. Those patients that arrive before 8:15 should fill out the necessary information on the consultation form and submit it in the ‘New Patients’ box at Counter #1.

your insurance card will be returned to you.
If you forget your insurance card, you may be required to pay fees up front. Once the receptionist has recorded your information. 
Kanto Rosai has over 200 beds. As such, first-time patients without a referral will be required to pay a one-time fee of \5,400.

Patient ID Card

Once your information has been processed, you will receive a portfolio containing your patient card and necessary documents.

Reception at the Department Counter

Take the patient card and documents that you received from the New Patient Reception Counter and submit them to the Department Counter.

Examination and Diagnosis

Please follow the instructions of the doctors, nurses and hospital staff.

At the Billing

After your examination, the receptionist will return your patient card along with a bill for outpatient services. Submit these at Billing Counter #3 and wait until you are called.
(Patients with external prescriptions should show them here)
At the Cashier

<You will receive:> a receipt and an appointment card for your next visit

Once your fees have been calculated you will be called to the Cashier (Counter # 4) to pay. If you have an internal prescription, the cashier will give a prescription form along with your reservation card. Please double-check the date of your next visit on the reservation card.
If you have any questions about your receipt, feel free to ask the cashier for assistance.
*Your place in line may differ depending on the type of treatment or insurance.


<For external prescriptions>
Please take the external prescription that you received from the department to your local pharmacy.
<For internal prescriptions>
When the number on the medicine voucher that you received at the Cashier appears on the electronic display, please pick up your medicine from the counter.
Direct any questions or concerns you have about your medicine to the Medication Consultation Counter.


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