Departments and Hours of Operation 

Departments and Hours of Operation 

Initial Visit
Return Visit

Outpatient Services by Appointment

Unreferred Patients
1) First-time patients
2) Patients who have seen a physician but wish to return for another visit (returning new patients)
Patients meeting the above criteria must make appointments in advance (through the Outpatient Appointment Reservation Center)

First-time patients must bring their referral with them to their visit

All first-time patient visits are by appointment only (through the Outpatient Appointment Reservation Center)

Please contact the Outpatient Appointment Reservation Center to make an appointment.

Kanto Rosai has active partnerships with many local and regional medical facilities; patients referred to Kanto Rosai have priority in appointment scheduling and examination matters.
  Additionally, referred patients may pay less for their visit, as the patient's financial status may also be taken into account in finalizing payment arrangements. We therefore recommend that those patients already undergoing treatment at a local or regional health care facility bring a referral for treatment at Rosai Hospital.
  (Please note first-time patients without a referral will be required to pay a one-time fee of \5,400.)